Shelby Performance Creates the Ultimate Ford Muscle Truck

shelby 1000Having made its debut earlier this year at the New York International Auto Show, the 2013 Shelby Raptor has now raised the bar for all off-road trucks. Shelby American has worked alongside Ford for years, taking some of their more powerful vehicles and turning them into creations like the 1,200-horsepower Shelby 1000, the Shelby Super Snake GT500 and most recently a Shelby Raptor F-150.  The Las Vegas based Company turned at 2013 Ford SVT Raptor into a 575-horsepower off-road beast. This collectible truck is designed inside and out with “Shelby Style.”

carroll shelby

Carroll Shelby has long been an icon in the automotive world. While he began his career in racing, health issues took him out of a racecar and into a drawing room to design some of the most powerful and most recognized vehicles of our time. “As a native Texan, Carroll Shelby loved powerful trucks,” said John Luft, president of Shelby American. “Carroll connected his love for trucks with his passion for performance on several projects, with the first one over 30 years ago. The latest Shelby truck was created to conquer any terrain with serious velocity.” While Shelby passed away a few years ago, his legacy carries on in the work done at Shelby American.

The birth of the Shelby Raptor

shelby ford raptorThe transformation from the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor to the Shelby Raptor all began under the hood. Shelby American mounted a 2.9-liter Whipple Supercharger and intercooler to the massive 6.2-liter V8 engine the Raptor comes equipped with, followed by a Shelby Borla Exhaust system. This took the stock 411 horsepower and cranked it up to an impressive 575 HP. “Aerodynamically speaking, the Raptor was engineered for maximum performance,” said Gary Patterson, vice president of operations. “We spent our efforts improving the power, cooling and handling systems because every Shelby is built to excel under even the most extreme conditions.”

Shelby American did not stop with just the mechanical modifications, the transformation is inside and outside. The exterior changes include an entire suspension upgrade that makes the Shelby Raptor stay connected to any surface with a set of massive 35-inch Goodrich All-Terrain tires. All upgrades are nicely complimented by a custom Shelby Katzkin leather interior, wrapped up to go with Shelby graphics and styling, and topped off with an exclusive Shelby Registry number and badge.  For more information about the Shelby legacy and all the vehicles it can transform, visit

What does 2014 hold for the SVT Raptor?

shelby raptor

Recently, the Texas Auto Writers Association 2013 Texas Truck Rodeo was held near San Antonio, Texas. On hand was a brand-new 2014 Ford SVT Raptor ready to leave its competitors in the dirt, or in this case, the mud. Unfortunately, the weather was not as cooperative as they wanted it to be, but even after several days of much needed rain, the 2014 Raptor took the courses as if it was traveling down asphalt pavement. While many of its competitors could not handle the ruts, rocks and other hazards the rain caused, the 2014 SVT Raptor came out on top and took home the title of the Off-Road Truck of Texas for 2013. While the 2014 Ford SVT Raptor is just starting to become available, you can be sure that in no time, Shelby American will be offering an upgrade package to turn it into a Shelby-created beast as well.

Where to find your Texas sized truck

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How the Ford Mustang Became an American Icon

1963 mustang prototypeFord’s rich history surrounding its vehicles has been passed down through the ages. In 1903, Henry Ford started the Ford Motor Company and created a lasting impact on our everyday lives. This impact is reflected in more than just the great Ford vehicles available, but also had a profound effect on how an assembly line functions and created the commonality of the five-day workweek.  One of Ford’s vehicles has taken America by storm and become an icon and a household name. The Ford Mustang was an instant legend and its legacy has carried on for more than 50 years. The first Mustang I Prototype debuted on October 7, 1962 at the Watkins Glen racetrack in New York to a warm reception. The Mustang II prototype, the final version of what would become the production version, was debuted at the same venue in 1963. The Mustang is the pillar of performance automobiles in American and offers a sporty look and style, a choice of horsepower and just an all-around great car at a very affordable price.

The beginning of the Mustang legacy

mustang protoype at world's fair 1964

Mustang swept that nation when Ford Motor Company’s pony car premiered at the New York World’s Fair on April 17, 1964. In that one alone, dealers took an impressive 22,000 orders for the new Mustang. That first year on the market, Mustang hit world-record sales of 418,812, more than quadrupling the expected sales of 100,000. The classic Mustang had a 108-inch wheelbase and an overall length of 181.6 inches. Engine choices ranged from the standard 170 cu. in., 101-horsepower, six-cylinder to a high-performance 289 cu. in. V8 rated at 271 horsepower.

The Mustang matures and gains even more followers

1968 bullitt mustangThe evolution of the Mustang has gone in many directions over the years. One of the most iconic Mustangs in history made its debut on the big screen in 1968 as Steve McQueen’s co-star in the movie “Bullitt”. The 1968 GT 390 was a Carroll Shelby creation based on a GT 350 and was part of one of the greatest car chase scenes in movie history. In 1969, Ford debuted a new body and two new trims to the Mustang line, the Grande and the Mach 1. The Grande was an upscale hardtop with vinyl roof and luxurious1973 eleanor mustang interior, and the Mach 1, a fastback variation. A restyled Mustang debuted in 1971, with a new front end and flatter roof that lowered its profile. The 1971 Mustang was also a movie star. It was restyled to look like a 1973 version for the original release of the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds” in 1974, and was affectionately named Eleanor. Eleanor made another appearance as a 1967 Mustang in the 2000 release of “Gone in 60 Seconds” with Nicholas Cage. The 1967 Eleanor was recently sold at auction for a lofty 1 million dollars. 2000 eleanor mustang

Mustang makes it through the oil crisis and ends up on top again

1974 ford mustangIn 1974, the Mustang underwent another update, this time to make it smaller and more fuel-efficient. The oil crisis was on and a big V8 gas-guzzling muscle car was not what consumers were looking for, so Ford developed the Mustang II. Ford for the first time offered the Mustang with either a four-cylinder or V6 engine, and the V8 engine was shelved for the 1974 model year. The 302 cu. in. V8 was reinstated in 1975, but Ford still offered an “MPG Stallion” version that retained better fuel economy.  In 1994, a new generation of Mustangs arrived with an all-new look and style. In 1999, Mustang celebrated its 35th anniversary and all trims bore a special anniversary tricolor-bar emblem on the front fenders and the U.S. Postal Service issued a 33-cent stamp featuring the original 1964 ½ Mustang. The 40th anniversary brought more special-edition vehicles and for years after that, Ford proved that it was going further with innovations to the classic “Stang.” In 2005, the retro style Mustang was introduced, and aside from slight updates, is the same style you will likely see for at least a few more years.

Sames Ford

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