Coca-Cola and Ford Join Forces to Help Save the Environment

Green! The new trend that everyone is following these days. With everything from reusable bags at the grocery store to an entire community in Japan, being green is in. So what are some changes that the auto industry is making to join in the movement to save the planet? The largest change is the increase in more fuel-efficient gasoline engines and more options when it comes to hybrid and electric vehicles. Ford has taken their contribution to the green movement one step further by partnering with Coca-Cola to build a unique Ford Fusion Energi.

The technology that brought Ford and Coca-Cola togetherFusion Energy

Ford recently announced a new partnership with Coca-Cola to share some of the unique technology Coca-Cola has been using the past few years.  In 2009, the beginning of the Green revolution, Coke began making their bottles using a PlantBottle Technology, a method that made the PET material out of sustainable plants instead of petroleum. Ford took this same technology to build a state-of-the-art Ford Energi. Ford used the same PET material that Coke uses to make its bottles to create the interior components. So what is PET material? Anil Netravali, a professor in the Fiber Science Program at Cornell University, said that PET is made by having two specific chemicals react together, terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol. “Terephthalic acid isn’t produced by plants,” he said, “but ethylene glycol is. That is the sustainable part to making PET.” This new plant based PET material will be everywhere inside the new Fusion Energi, from the seats to the door panel inserts and there is even a possibility that it will be used for many more parts that are currently made of traditional plastic.

Ford’s dedication to saving the future


In an optimistic comment from Todd Nissen, Spokesman for Ford, “While it’s not set in stone that the new material will make it to market, if we weren’t serious about considering it, we wouldn’t do it.” Stay tuned for more information on the Ford Fusion Energi and watch for its debut the end of this month at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Ford has been an innovator in using future technology all the way back to 1941, when Henry Ford debuted a vehicle built with panels made of soybean and hemp. This unique Ford Fusion Energi is just a glimpse into what Ford has in store for the future of green technology.

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