2014 Ford Flex is Ready for the Whole Family

2014 Ford Flex

When searching for a vehicle for your family, there are many factors to consider. Every family has different needs and personalities that only you can prioritize. There are credible sources out there that can help give you a more clear idea on what vehicle will fit your lifestyle. One of these sources is Kelley Blue Book. This month, KBB named its 12 Best Family Cars for 2014. Among these valuable vehicles, the 2014 Ford Flex emerged with a contemporary approach to the modern-day family vehicle.

KBB selects the Flex as one of the best

Kelly Blue Book Car Guides

Kelley Blue Book truly made its name by beginning a used car guide and has gained momentum in the past 20 years by offering a wide range of car reviews, awards and lists such as “Top 10s.” Naturally, KBB has exponentially grown by taking to the internet, where it is now readily available to car customers and enthusiasts everywhere. KBB wanted to make it a little simpler for busy families to understand what could be the best options for their next car purchase. Experts from Kelley Blue Book’s Ratings researched and tested more than 300 vehicles and chose the 12 best. After many tests and voting, the KBB team concluded that 12 cars from 11 different brands would take honors as the Best Family Cars for 2014. KBB took many factors into the equation when selecting these ultimate family cars. They looked at each vehicle’s compatibility with car seats and boosters seats, ease of loading up the cargo area and the size of the cargo area and even brought kids in to test the “ins and outs” of the cars. They also took into consideration any extra amenities that might spark a little excitement.

Why the 2014 Flex went above and beyond

Ford Flex Interior

The 2014 Flex is no ordinary SUV. The Flex was not designed to be an extra storage area where you tend to pile all your unwanted coats and sports equipment when company comes over. No. The Ford Flex was designed to impress. This breath of fresh air has a bold and stylish exterior that is anything but typical. Ford wanted to create something that a family could be proud of. KBB saw the way the 2014 Flex stood out and knew it had a special type of uniqueness. The strengths of the Flex include the impressive amount of interior space and the comfort it offers. Ford gives families the option to have a seven or six-passenger Flex, which both deliver practicality and comfort with leather-trimmed seats, best-in-class legroom and the option to add a refrigerated second-row console. One of the greatest parts about the 2014 Flex defies the usual SUV, truck-like proportions by being lean and low to the ground. This is something that not many people consider. When you are loading friends, family or pets into your vehicle, it is surprisingly refreshing not to have to worry about hoisting yourself, or them, up into a vehicle. Ford truly thought about the comfort and accessibility for families in the U.S. KBB also stated that the 2014 Ford Flex was one of the most car-seat friendly vehicles throughout the entire test.

Ford Flex Storage

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Ford Invests in the Future of Vehicle Technology

Ford F-150With cars like the Mustang, Fusion and Fiesta, it is easy to depict Ford as a fun-loving, thrill-seeking carmaker. However, Ford knows how to get down to business at the same time. Ford holds high standards for vehicles in safety and technology. Ford continues to evolve by means of technology as a corporate citizen and global competitor in order to create long-term sustainability for Ford vehicles and the Ford brand.  Sometimes, Ford even mixes business with pleasure and shows off some science in a fun manner. Last month, Ford teamed up with National Geographic Channel to conduct a science experiment to see if the entire weight of a Ford F-150 could be balanced on just four coffee mugs. Sure, this probably is not the most “break-through” technology for Ford. However, it is an example of Ford’s creativity and excitement for science, innovation and improvement. Recently, Ford has been busy with many other automotive enhancements.

Ford begins paving a new road with aluminum

2015 F-150

Last month at the Detroit Auto Show, Ford stole the spotlight with the new and exciting 2015 models of the Mustang and F-150. Not only does the updated style and exterior of both vehicles look phenomenal, but the technology behind the building of the 2015 F-150 is a pleasant and exciting surprise. Ford designed the next line of F-150 trucks with the body built from military-grade aluminum alloy. This high-strength aluminum body and bed will take the phrase ‘Ford Tough’ to a whole new level. The vehicle itself will weigh 700 pounds less than previous trucks. The aluminum scrap can be reclaimed and sent back into the manufacturing process to minimize waste, which is another great way that Ford is consistently thinking about the future of vehicles, even when they are no longer being driven. The all-new F-150’s lighter weight with the aluminum will translate to a higher payload and towing ratings, as well as enhanced driving dynamics. The aluminum is just as durable and is as strong as the steel used in the F-150 predecessors and has to pass the same ‘Built Ford Tough’ durability tests. The aluminum has proven to be equally durable and, at times, even has performed better than the current F-150.

Other Ford innovations to look forward to

F-150 Technology

Just in the last month, Ford has reintroduced or expanded on multiple technology platforms for the future of Ford vehicles. Ford has worked diligently on the Ford SYNC® AppLink™, which has had exhilarating breakthroughs in its usage and function. The SYNC® AppLink™ will be able to pay for a parking space, arm and disarm the vehicle’s security system, make sure doors and windows are closed and even order pizza. Ford also just paired up with Gracenote developers to provide a unique way of playing music that will match the mood of the driver. All this technology is made possible without having to literally lift a finger.

F-150 Platinum

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Ford Is on Fire for 2015 with the Latest F-150 and Mustang

1964 MustangFord decided to start 2014 off with a bang by making what already may seem like the best, better. In January, Ford highlighted some of the newest versions of iconic members of the Ford line at the Detroit Auto Show. Ford released the exhilarating new 2015 Mustang and the even more handsome 2015 F-150. These great vehicles were so amazing and popular, that Ford was the most talked about car brand on Twitter over the course of the 13-day auto show. Ford was mentioned more than 24,000 times on Twitter. The gap between Ford and the rest of the automakers’ popularity on social media was enormous. No one else even came close, and for good reason.

Ford puts best foot forward with the 2015 F-150

2015 F-150

As the Ford F-150 is one of the best-selling pickup trucks in the U.S., Ford decided to raise the bar for the 2015 model. The 2015 Ford F-150 will change the game of vehicle engineering, as it will be built with primarily aluminum components and body panels. This will deduct approximately 700 pounds from the overall weight of the 2015 F-150. This will not lessen the F-150’s capability at all, but by but shedding a few pounds, it will allow room for much more efficiency.

Ford looks to the future of the Mustang by honoring its past

2015 Mustang

As the iconic Ford Mustang reaches its 50th year of production, Ford wheeled out two classic creations at the Detroit Auto Show, the Mustang 1 Concept from 1962 and the very first production Mustang from 1964. Both beautiful vehicles reminded fans of why they fell in love with Ford to begin with. The adoration with this model expanded when Ford rolled out the brand new 2015 Ford Mustang. The redesigned muscle car still has a powerful heart, but has a new look on the outside, and even the convertible version of the new Mustang joined the show.

Mustang 1 Concept

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