Ford Mustang Goes to Space. Yes, Outer Space.

Ford enthusiasts are celebrating the Mustang’s 50th anniversary yet again. Earlier this year, the Mustang celebrated its big anniversary at the top of the Empire State Building, but this month the Mustang was taken to new heights, literally.

Michael Sego, a Ford zone sales manager, and Steve Kubitz, managing partner of a San Francisco area Ford dealership, recently videoed a Mustang leaving the earth’s atmosphere. The duo and their friends suspended a Revell Mustang model kit (you didn’t think it was a full size Mustang, did you?!) below a high-altitude weather balloon along with a few small action cameras to document the event.

“We wanted to celebrate 50 years of Mustang and the impending arrival of the all-new 2015 Mustang by doing something really special,” said Sego. “Mustang has always been about getting behind the wheel and hitting the open road, but we decided to take to the open sky.”

The Mustang took about 74 minutes to reach a height of nearly 21 miles and then descended back down to earth.

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