About Us

Sames Ford is proud to be the oldest dealership in Texas! We opened our doors in 1910 and have been providing for the automotive needs of the residents of Corpus Christi, Portland, Kingsville, Alice, Victoria, Beeville and many other south Texas communities ever since. We are located at 4721 Ayers Street in Corpus Christi, TX 78415, easy to get to from anywhere. Sames Ford has a commitment to customer service that has made us one of the premier Ford dealerships in the area. At Sames Ford, we do not just want to sell you a great new Ford, Certified Pre-Owned or quality used vehicle, we want you to feel like you are a part of the Sames Ford family.

Whether you want to lease or purchase a new or used car, truck or SUV, you need car repair or maintenance performed by professionals or you are looking for genuine Ford parts or accessories, Sames Ford is your one stop Ford dealership. For more information, please call Sames Ford at 361-851-7612. We also invite you to visit us at 4721 Ayers Street in Corpus Christi. Sames Ford looks forward to being your premier Ford dealership.



One thought on “About Us

  1. I am interested, but not excited or enthused regarding the new 2014 F-150 CNG/LPG pickups. I need to know more. I will plan to stop by your store in the next few weeks to try to learn more. I am concerned about filling up with CNG/LPG on the road in Texas. While I am now retired, I still put about 30,000 miles per year on my old 2004 Suburban, and I do like Chevys/GMC, but with CNG, I am willing to make a move. I used to put up to 36,000 to 40.000 miles per year when I was working. I need to know that I can fill up with CNG/LPG in Texas and surrounding states. I know OK has lots of places. I have written to Valero, and they have not given me a firm response.

    I am looking a pickup that I can lock up the rear end, sync with my I-Phone, and have all the comforts of my current Suburban, even though it is old. I would like to have A/C in the leather seats, back up camera, and some things like that. A four-door, short bed, and perhaps four-wheel drive. What do you think? Can I get that with CNG/LPG at a reasonable price? I am just burning off some miles on my tires right now, as I get close to 300,000 miles on my Suburban that still runs like new. I do like Chevy/GMC, as I have put well more than a million miles on my last four vehicles from them, but I am interested, but not excited or enthused regarding F-150 with CNG/LPG. Let me know.

    Happy Trails,
    Larry Owen

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